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Multi-Link Stick

Cut Phone Costs

save up to $600/year (based on US national average) per line

Pays for itself

in 3 months with just 1 line reduction


Add new telephony equipment

without adding costs


Access codes protects modems from hackers

The Stick is an automatic call processor for a single telephone line. It automatically screens and routes a call to a voice, fax, or modem device.

The Stick enables up to three devices to share a single line – eliminating the need for dedicated telephone lines for ‘communication devices’ which are used only a few minutes per day.

The Stick is a cost-effective solution for small business environments, and also for industrial situations which involve polling, early warning industrial applications, and/or equipment diagnostics.

  • Screens each call for CNG fax tones, pulse, and touch tones, then routes the call automatically.
  • Allows up to 3 phone/data devices to share a single phone line.
  • Programmable options set by the user based upon audible tones.
  • Call override feature enables the user to override the Stick’s programming and ‘grab’ an inbound call from any telephone extension.
  • Barge-in protection prevents calls from being interrupted when an extension device is lifted. Barge-in protection also prevents fax or modem transmissions from interruption.
  • Non-volatile memory saves programming in case of power outage, or if the Stick requires pre-programming before it is installed in a field site. Re-programming or battery back-up is not required.
  • Power/Call status light indicates where a call is being routed. The LED blinks one of three patterns signaling which device has fielded the call (1 blink – voice call, 2 blinks – fax call, 3 blinks – modem call).
  • Use the Stick to receive after hours calls from a franchise headquarters and route the call to the Point of Sale computer to pick up daily sales data. This polling application uses the same telephone line as the one used for voice calls during normal business hours.
  • Build the Stick into office or industrial equipment so that head office can use the telephone line to obtain diagnostics from their equipment prior to sending out service personnel. The cost savings are substantial when expensive service staff are involved, or when environmentally sensitive/hazardous equipment must be monitored and managed.
  • Augment a feeble ring from the telephone company and make one or more telephones ring audibly in noisy industrial settings.
  • Measure electricity consumption in deregulated utility environments.
  • Support development of automated commercial buildings – schedule polling of various environmental monitoring devices in a building such as heat, air, security, etc.

The industrial applications listed here apply to the ACP devices as well. The only difference is the number of ports which are needed in order to poll various mechanisms in the business operation.

Device Interface:

  • battery: 48 volts nominal DC to all devices
  • off-hook detection: 3-80 mA

Co Interface:

  • Ringer equivalence number: .5 B
  • Input ring detection: 40 – 150 volts, 15 – 68 Hz

Power consumption – 6.2 watts

Input power requirements:

  • At AC transformer: 110-125 volts AC only, 50-60 Hz
  • At power jack on Stick: 12-14 volts AC and DC

Dimensions – 2.4″ high x 8.15″ long x 1.4″ wide

  • fax tone detection
  • protected hook flash
  • unanswered call silent transfer
  • answering machine silent transfer
  • silent transfer destination
  • programmable security access code (SAC)
  • pulse detection
  • rings to answer
  • call override
  • maximum rings
  • unrestricted manual transfer

If any of these programmable features are relevant to your business, please call or email our Technical Support staff for more information.

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