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Teletics ZipLine

Now in 5.8 GHz license-free band to eliminate interference from WiFi, plus more secure than ever with AES grade encryption!

The fastest, least expensive way to get phone lines and internet between two locations. In the past, if you needed phones and/or internet at a nearby location, you had to either trench cable or call the phone company. Now with the NEW Teletics ZipLine, you can provide one or two phone lines and internet to another building, in under two hours, and at a fraction of the cost of trenching.

We call it the ZipLine. Trenching cost is Zip. Operating cost is Zip. Hidden installation costs are Zip. Zippy installation. One
line or two line units available. Internet is also provided over the same radio link. Need a phone line quickly? No problem. ZipLine installs in a flash.

Can’t trench cable? ZipLine extends your phone lines wirelessly. There is never any digging. You don’t need surveys or right of way maps. Just point, plug in, and you’re done.

Who can use the ZipLine?
The opportunities to save money with the ZipLine are endless. The ZipLine can be used on construction sites, for security phone applications, between buildings and across parking lots, for remote metering applications and on recreational properties. The ZipLine is perfect where ever you need a phone or data line, but can not run wire. It is the latest generation of Teletics products designed to save you money and time!

POTS lines: 1 or 2 (RJ11) Fax speed: 14.4kbps
Ethernet port: 1 (RJ-45) Modem speed: Up to 9600 baud
Radio type: 2.4GHz DSSS License Free
w/128 bit digital encryption
Operating temp: -40C to +50C / -40F
to +125F
Radio Power: 34 dBm Power required: 7W (wall adapter included)
Radio Sensitivity: -89 dBm @ 10 -5BER Mounting brackets/setup software: included
Range: up to 1 Mile / 1.6 km

4 volts AC and DC

Dimensions – 2.4″ high x 8.15″ long x 1.4″ wide

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